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The World of Book Box Influencers

If you follow our blog (Judging by the Book Box Blog page views you're not) then you'll notice it's been a couple weeks since we posted. We'd like to say we have a good reason, but nothing comes to mind. Simply put we're busy navigating the various aspects of a Book Box business. What a racket. A fun one, but still a racket. We digress. Today we want to chat about Book Box Influencers. What's a Book Box influencer? A Book Box influencer is someone who receives products, in this case Book Boxes, from companies who sell them. They then take the product, dress it up and take beautiful photos for their followers to see. Okay great, but why use...

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February 22nd - Behind the Scenes

Hey! Welcome to our Crime Fiction Book Box Blog...Quite the mouthful eh? To start, thank you to the dozens of subscribers so far. In our wildest dreams we didn't think we'd be averaging one box per day within our first month. I wish we could have captured the moment we made our first sale, it's a feeling I know I'll never forget and comes with the realization that we built something people actually want. Ask any entrepreneur: that's what keeps you up at night. Like everything we do, this Crime Fiction blog is going to evolve as we do. For now, it's going to be everything from an inside look at running a book box company to what's new in...

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