The World of Book Box Influencers

If you follow our blog (Judging by the Book Box Blog page views you're not) then you'll notice it's been a couple weeks since we posted.

We'd like to say we have a good reason, but nothing comes to mind. Simply put we're busy navigating the various aspects of a Book Box business.

What a racket. A fun one, but still a racket.

We digress. Today we want to chat about Book Box Influencers.

What's a Book Box influencer?

A Book Box influencer is someone who receives products, in this case Book Boxes, from companies who sell them. They then take the product, dress it up and take beautiful photos for their followers to see.

Okay great, but why use them?

Simply put, these people have very dedicated followers and promote your brand in exchange for boxes themselves and/or sometimes a % of sales. Find a good influencer and you've got yourself an extra sales channel within a channel. Find several and.. well, you get the drift.

Is Crime Fiction Subscription using influencers?

We've been trying! Happy to say we have two on board as of today + potentially a couple more. Which is awesome considering 7 weeks ago we didn't know what a Book Box influencer was.

How did you find them?

Picture awkwardly asking someone to dance or walking up to a crowd and asking everyone there, individually, if they'd like to be friends.

Luckily we were able to connect with some AWESOME influencers looking to expand their portfolios.


Who knows! It's been 7 weeks since starting this company and every day is different. We're looking forward to the journey though.


That's all for now, we decided to dive back into Facebook marketing (Sigh, I know) and still have lots to learn.

P.S. April Boxes ship on Friday, March 27th, 2020!

- Team Crime Fiction Subscription


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  • Paula Johanson

    What a great idea! Would you consider my bio of Larry Kwong, the China Clipper, for your sports book box? He was a sports hero in three pro leagues, and the 1st Chinese player in the NHL. Ask for a review copy from the Canadian publisher Five Rivers Publishing or ask me for an ebook. I have also a crime fiction novel with Five Rivers that you might like, though it is a fantasy. Thank you for considering my books! Paula Johanson

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