About Us

Who we are:

We're Crime Fiction fans who wanted a book box just for us. We love a lot of other Book Boxes out there, but we wanted something a little more specific.

While we'd like to be able to tell a great story, about how this is was our lifelong dream and it's finally come to fruition, that wouldn't be true. The real truth is.....

We were searching for a crime fiction subscription box and couldn't find one.

So here we are.

What do we do?

That's the easy part. We offer a monthly subscription box for crime fiction fans. We offer a few different options but our flagship box is the Main Book Box. Which is two crime fiction novels, every month, for $29.99 CDN.

And free shipping anywhere in North America.

Why choose Crime Fiction Subscription?

Look, there are tons of great subscription book boxes out there, it's a crowded market for book lovers and that is AWESOME. That's why we're focusing on just Crime Fiction and more specifically, just the books. No added frills.

What if I'm not happy with a book or it's damaged?

Send it back, easy as pie. We're not perfect, but if it's this or some other issue we'll do our best to solve the problem so that you're happy with our service.

When will I get my books?

Within the first week of every month.

How hard is it to cancel?

We're here to make you happy, if that's not the case anymore we'll make sure it's a clean break-up.