What's in the box?

What's in the box?

Right now we offer two packages:

* The Standard Monthly - Two crime fiction novels, every month, right to your door.

* The Big Monthly - Five. Yes, five crime fiction novels. Every month, right to your door.

We're just starting out, getting a feel for what our crime fiction lovers want, so we may add more soon. If you have any thoughts or advice, please reach out!

That's it?

Yup. Part of why we started this venture was because we wanted to keep it simple. We found too many boxes strayed from what we were looking for. That's fine! Just not for us.

So we started www.crimefictionsubscription.com

Are all the books new?

Our boxes included two types of books. 

1) New - Brand new books straight from the Publisher or Author;

2) Remaindered - They've never been owned before, but have a black mark on the top or bottom (see above for example). This means the book is new, never been read or owned previously, but can't be advertised as new due to the mark.